Pakistan Great Homes

Pakistan Sweet Homes is currently providing a home away from poverty, violence and a lack of family for over 3,600 children across Pakistan. With estimated figures revealing that there are over 4 million orphans across Pakistan, we know our work is far from complete, thus we are always striving to take our organisation from strength to strength. While strengthening Pakistan Sweet Homes, we have now launched a new and exciting phase of our work: Pakistan Great Homes.

Pakistan Great Homes seeks to support the elderly Pakistani community, many of who are unwell, poor and alone. Initially based in Islamabad, it will provide medical assistance, shelter, food and personal care to older people living in poverty in Islamabad. Beyond that, we will offer lodging and assistance to cancer-sufferers who travel from all over Pakistan to receive medical care in Islamabad.


Not only will the centre improve the lives of hundreds of our elders, but it will enable the children of Pakistan Sweet Home to also have an appreciation of the importance of elders. They will be supporting and serving the elderly patients, acting on one of our nation’s greatest values.


There will be a ceremony to launch the project at Pakistan Sweet Homes, H-9, Islamabad. If you would like to join us for this wonderful event with high-profile members of society, drop us a message and let us know!


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