International Friends of Pakistan Sweet Homes

At present, there are over 3,600 children living at Sweet Homes centres across Pakistan. These children come from impoverished backgrounds and have lost one or both parents to war or natural disaster. Living at our centres has transformed the lives of children, taking them away from poverty, violence and suffering. The work that is being done at Pakistan Sweet Homes is only possible due to the mercy of Allah, as well as the support of our friends and supporters, both nationally across Pakistan, and those from across the globe.


Over the past few years, Pakistan Sweet Homes has been visited and supported by a large number of international agencies and individuals including the Pakistan-US Alumni Network, the US Embassy, the British Council, the Italian Embassy, the Turkish Red Crescent, the Spanish Embassy, UNICEF and AIESEC. We are so grateful for all these valuable friendships, partnerships and pledges of support.

Tree planting with AIESEC


The US Ambassador in Pakistan, His Excellency Mr. David Hale was at the forefront of a painting event organised by the Pakistan-US Alumni Network and the US Embassy. The event was fun-filled for the angels of Sweet Homes, and gave those from the embassy the opportunity to see some of the life-changing work going on at our centres. 100 children participated in a fun and creative drawing competition as part of the event. His Excellency, Mr. David Hale himself was very moved by the work of Pakistan Sweet Home, and announced that he too would join the cause as a volunteer. Mr. Hale invited our patron, Mr. Zamurrad Khan and children to the US Embassy in Islamabad.


The Italian Embassy hosted a pizza party fundraiser for Pakistan Sweets Home. The day was full of fun, delicious food and lots of recreational activities for the children. The Italian Ambassador and his wife even danced with the children to Pakistani folk tunes! The Ambassador, Mr. Stefonio Pontecorvo inaugurated the Italian Pizza Oven at Pakistan Sweet Homes Sports Complex.


The Turkish Red Crescent have made great contributions to Pakistan Sweet Homes. Last year, they completely renovated the girls dining hall, making it a better space for our girls to have their three daily meals. The new hall has made a massive difference to the centre, and we are so grateful for the support of the Turkish Red Crescent.




We are so grateful for the international support we receive at Pakistan Sweet Homes. Our international friends give us inspiration and motivation, while helping to further champion the cause so many are working tirelessly for. We are confident that if we can continue to work together in this manner, one day there will not be a single orphan anywhere in Pakistan that is suffering or alone. Thanks to partnerships like these, we are able to turn the lives around of so many orphans who would otherwise go without.

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