A Day at Sweet Homes

For us at Sweet Homes, it is paramount that children receive the best quality of life they possibly can. We strive to provide the best services in terms of education, health, lodging and recreational activities. Our children attend some of the best schools across Pakistan and perform exceptionally well.


When children awake in the morning, they are provided a warm, hearty breakfast to fuel them for the remainder of the day. In Islamabad, our children attend Siddeeq Public School in Rawalpindi, where they receive an exceedingly high level of education, both standard academia and Islamic studies. Sweet Homes arranges transport for the children to make sure they arrive on time with all the correct uniform and equipment needed for the day. After classes, children return back home to the centre in time for dhuhr namaaz, for a warm, healthy, freshly cooked lunch.




After lunch and a short break, our children then begin to study independently. They complete any homework tasks assigned by their teachers, or prepare for upcoming exams. Mother-maids and other voluntary teachers are on hand to help the children with completing their work. After about 4pm, children are allocated ‘free time’, which is usually filled with games on the sports ground. Some children choose to spend time with others in their rooms, playing games or singing poetry. Children are often invited to participate in events taking place at the centre, and meet guests who have come to visit.




Dinner is usually served at about 6pm, and again is a warm, nutritious and freshly cooked meal. After dinner, children are encouraged to study further before retiring to bed for the night.


On the weekends, children sometimes enjoy day trips to places like the zoo, shopping centres, Faisal masjid or the park. Guests who want to know more about the centre, to celebrate their birthdays and anniversaries and those who want to dedicate their time and money to make the lives of these children better, often visit them, and children are invited to interact with them, ask questions and forge friendships. Children are also taking part in a range of extra curricular activities such as taekwondo and a range of sports. They are given the opportunity to showcase their skills and achievements and events.



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