What is Pakistan Sweet Homes?

Pakistan Sweet Homes is constantly full of brightness, laughter and cheer. Here, no two days are the same, while children are offered care, protection and the space to grow. Pakistan Sweet Homes is primarily a home for poor orphan children across Pakistan, who have lost either one or both of their parents, often through devastating natural disasters. At centres across the four provinces of Pakistan, in Gilgit and Azad Jamu & Kashmir, these children are provided with boarding, education, co-curricular and recreational activities.

The project began in 2009 by Zammurad Khan, who was asked to arrange care for an orphaned child. Instead of handing over the child to a conventional orphanage, Khan had a vision for developing an entirely new project to care for orphaned children across the country. With his dedication and drive, alongside the unwavering support of our donors and the grace of Allah, we now support 3,600 children in 32 centres across Pakistan. The largest centre is based in Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad.

Founder, Zammurad Khan with some excited children from Sweet Homes

But Sweet Homes is never called an orphanage. It is home for thousands of children, where they are able to feel the warmth of family, receive a high standard of education and live a good life.

Children are offered the opportunity to take part in celebratory events, sports days and outings, while still remaining focussed and committed to their studies. They are often visited by high profile celebrities and other influential people.

Kashif Abbasi & Mehar Bukhari celebrated their son’s birthday at Sweet Homes


Movie night organised by the British Council


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